Real cases why you are still not loosing weight

Did you do everything right and still see no results? There is a variety of reasons why does it happen, we had listed the most common ones.

1 I train twice a day, but my weight does not change

Possible explanation:

- If you incorporate intense training your weight can even increase: muscles are much heavier than fat. Pay attention not so much to weight as to your body composition

- It is also possible that you are overeating and do not evaluate your macro right. When we lose calories during the training we naturally want to eat more. It also seems that you can now afford much more, but if your goal is to lose weight, you can’t do without calorie counting. No calorie deficit – no weight loss.

2. I only eat fruit and drink vegetable smoothies, but don’t lose any weight

Possible explanation:

- Fruit is a source of fast carbohydrates that raise blood insulin levels. Insulin is an anabolic hormone that promotes the accumulation of glycogen and fats and at the same time blocks their use. Insulin also increases hunger, so we feel hungry more often, we increase portions or eat almost continuously.
- The macro content of a smoothie sometimes exceeds complete meals. And the amount of sugar there is most often appropriate – yes, natural, but it’s still fast carbohydrates.
- Such restrictions may lead to the lack of proteins and again may increase appetite

3 I have some much to do that barely had any time to sleep at all. And still I’m not losing weight

Possible explanation:
- Sleep is a basic human need. During sleep, the nervous, endocrine and immune systems scan and subtle balance the body
- Many hormones are produced at night according with the change of day and night. Among them are melatonin and growth hormone. The peak of their secretion occurs from 22 to 2 hours. They allow us to literally lose weight in a sleep.
- The less we sleep – the more we eat, although we don’t notice that. Try to write down your meals on different days, and then compare and you will see for yourself.
- Lastly when we do not have enough sleep then our level of stress hormone cortisol rises and blocks the weight loss

4 I had dropped 20 kg already, but the last 2 kg do not give up. Why is that and what to do?

Possible explanation:
-The more fat you have, the easier it goes away. It is much easier to lose 30 kg from 130 kg than 2 kg from 55 kg
- With weight loss so-called “plateau” period is inevitable, just be consistent and continue your journey. If the weight stands still for a long time (more than 2 months), it is not recommended to further reduce the calorie content of the diet.

Secrets of Japanese women

In this country, you rarely find a woman whose face shows signs of fatigue and aging. What makes Japanese women look 10-15 years younger? What is the secret of their firm, clear skin and slenderness?

From an early age, girls in Japan are taught to take care of themselves. Women know that one of the main treatments is nighttime skincare. The night is the perfect time to be more beautiful. Skin cells regenerate much faster at night. In addition, the production of collagen, a protein responsible for skin firming, peaks between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am.

The night is the perfect time to pamper yourself with real beauty treatments. This helps the skin to look healthier and more beautiful.

7 Japanese beauty secrets

The so-called layering is a beauty ritual that is more commonly used not only in Japan but all over the world. It consists of 7 steps that should be repeated every night.

1. Makeup removal

The first golden rule that every woman knows. For this, products based on natural oils are suitable, which are gently rubbed into the skin.

2. Cleansing the skin.

After removing your makeup, it is important to remove all impurities from your skin with mild soap and water. In this case, too, choose a product that is safe for the skin.

3. Applying tonic

The toner balances the skin and prepares it for further care. In this case, floral-based facial toners are best.

4. Application of the serum.

A serum designed to stimulate skin cells. Choose it according to your skin type: dry, sensitive, or oily skin.

5. Care of the skin around the eyes.

The area around the eyes is one of the most sensitive. Remember to gently apply a cream suitable for the eye area before bed.

6. Application of face cream.

You will also need to apply a face cream that suits you.

7. Applying lip balm.

The last step, which is often overlooked, is lips: a little shea butter will be enough to keep the lips soft.

8th beauty secret

Sleep at least 8 hours a night and give your skin and entire body the sleep it deserves.

Another secret of Japanese longevity is food

If you think that Japanese people look good for eating quality, freshly cooked food, then you are wrong. Of course, in Japan, the cult of healthy and tasty food is very developed, which helps to maintain slimness and youth, but on an ongoing basis, people here do not eat like that. Although the kitchen is full of healthy ingredients, due to the lack of time, the whole country is fed on industrial products.

There are thousands of vending machines on every corner across the country that sells this kind of food. Most citizens consume just such dishes from lunch boxes because it comes out of the vending machine already hot and appetizing. Also worth mentioning are the variety of fried foods such as tempura, tonkatsu, and karaga.

Analyzing the positive aspects of food in Japan, even industrial products are well controlled and do not contain as many chemicals as in other countries. Japan ranks fourth in the ranking for high-quality food.

Japanese sweets are made with little sugar and salt. This has a very positive effect on health and appearance. One of the things that help Japanese people stay young and thin is their daily miso soup and green tea.

The rejuvenating effect of hot springs and baths

Bathing in onsen hot springs is the basis of Japanese culture, they are full of minerals and necessary for skin rejuvenation.

Hot springs are rich in medicines that can help fight various diseases, relax, burn calories, remove impurities, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and pressure, moisturize the skin and have a thousand other benefits.

How to spot a cheating spouse

As we get older, we change. Our outlook on life can become less rosy. Our job may not offer the same prospects anymore. We feel that life has passed us by. Our marriage has become routine, something’s missing we don’t do anything rashly, on impulse anymore. And when was the last time you bought your partner a present that wasn’t iron or a saucepan, and when did you last prepare a special meal as a precursor to a night of passion?

The fact is we change

The downside of life’s experience is that we gain experience over time, time to look back on and see past mistakes, lost opportunities. This is when marriages come under threat. Both partners have become stuck in a “comfort zone”, and one, (sometimes both), decides life has passed them by, and they want to do something about it.

What are the tell-tale signs that you need to know to spot a cheating spouse?

Signs of cheating

Well, the signs are basically the same for men as they are for women, especially now that both parties to a marriage often go out to work.

A lot of e-books will tell you that a change of appearance or a partner taking more pride in their appearance is often a sign of cheating. This may be the case, but be careful here. One comedian said, “When you get to 40, you go to your wardrobe, and it’s like someone’s nicked your dress sense!” Men, in particular, are prone to this “midlife crisis”. They suddenly feel that they are getting older, and need to change their image a bit (others just grow old disgracefully and keep wearing the teenager’s shirts!). So changing one’s appearance may not be anything to do with cheating, however, wearing cologne for the first time may be!

Of course, spotting a cheating spouse goes further than clothes. Again, a lot of people will tell you that lack of sex drive is a definite clue. The problem with that is, particularly as we approach 40 and beyond, a lot of men (who attain their sexual peak at about 25 as opposed to 35-40 for women), are under huge amounts of pressure and stress at work, and their libido is vastly reduced.

So, the two perhaps most obvious “clues” as to how to catch a cheating spouse are not the things you should be looking at first and foremost.

When you are married to someone, it’s reasonable to assume that you know them pretty well. The tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse are the little things – do they look you in the eye and tell you that they love you. How do they react to a gentle cuddle in bed? Do they appear evasive and secretive (this is far more important a clue than lack of sex drive or buying new clothes!).